Monday, June 18, 2007

so much for a light summer

Yea, the plan has changed a bit. I'm now working at the Ojai Valley Land Conservancy full time and at the camp, well, all other hours in the day. Essentially, 12-14 hours a day, 6 days a week. Unlike most people, I have a wonderful case of the Mondays- as it is my only day off. Come mid august however, both will be over and I'll have almost a whole month with no job. Though the free time scares me more than the 14 hour workday. Not to worry about me becoming big-headed with money, I'll be spending it as fast as I'm making it. Heres a list of what I still need/want thus far for Morocco:

15+ down sleeping bag . . . $250

new camera and memory card (grrr) . . . $250

smartwool long underwear and socks . . . $150?

fixing my computer . . . $140

external hardrive . . . $100?

new shoe insoles . . . $40

day pack/secure travelling purse . . . $50?

Chacos/Tevas . . . $40-$50

So just over a grand, hmmm. Some of it I've already gotten, some I know I wont get, and some of it I actually get at a discount for being a Peace Corps Volunteer! Yay!

So California is wonderful, I moved into the tent which I love, but I'm still a bit of a mess, just feeling so odd about everything lately and not in a routine yet. I'm afraid to get used to anything or enjoy anything because I don't want to be sad about leaving, and yet I want to be sad too, ugh, just on a little bitter steak I guess, it'll pass. I went for a long horseback ride in the mountains yesterday. It was so beautiful, and I still had to focus myself on relaxing! Later today I'm going to get myself out of this house, or tent rather, and go to the beach with the dog.

And back to work tomorrow! If you're interested check it out, I love my job, straining as it is, and its a wonderful conservancy.

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Gary Godfrey said...


What do you need for your computer? I do have some parts lying around here that might work for you...

Also, I think we may have a couple of the secure traveling purses around. Do you have a link to one that you're looking at? Same w/ day pack.

Uncle Gary