Tuesday, May 29, 2007

I suppose I should have posted this already, but whatever. May 19, 2007 I became a college graduate! Here with my best friend in the world, roommate, sister, yada, yada. Do i look ready for life? For Africa? Yup yup, see you soon.

Monday, May 7, 2007

Invited and if feels so good!

yay! I was invited via e-mail last week, but didn't consider it real until i got the hefty actual package in the mail this past Saturday. I called PC this morning to gladly accept the position, and am off to staging in Philly on September 8, and arrive in Morocco on September 11. As happy as I am to get my invite so soon, it couldn't be worse timing in some respects. I have to turn in my Aspiration Statement and resume to the Peace Corps, do two presentations, a paper, revise my senior thesis, put together my senior portfolio, get through my final review, my senior show reception, graduate, and some otherness I'm forgetting, all in less than two weeks! oh but its all good things. i cant wait to see my family!