Thursday, February 11, 2010

my little Magribi below the Mulberry

I know, I know, I have not been keeping up here. Haven't been keeping up with myself either; I'm used to journaling every day, but have been so busy here I've only been able to write once a week-on my day off, which was today. This meant sleeping in (so wonderful), knitting and coffee at one café, taking myself out for Indian food and then a movie (how romantic eh?) and then heading to another café for more writing and actually using my cell phone. Days off are good, but lonely and awkward as I do not yet know many people around here, and I'm well refreshed and ready to wake up at the freezing crack of dawn the next morning for continuing the exhausting life and work I live for. I'm far too tired to write a sufficient update, so I leave you all with the view I walked out to this morning. It's Bu atop a (currently dormant) beehive under a Mulberry tree I recently pruned. You can't see the animals in this shot, but the dairy cow and sheep pastures are in view as well as part of the barn and shed. More pictures forthcoming.