Sunday, February 25, 2007

Official Nominee and Sheep Rassler

Yep, though I've been a nominee for a few months, it's now official. Also medically cleared, and once I mail in one more form I'll be dentally cleared! Life's going alright for now. I've been weaving like a maniac for my senior show, have my venue all set up, reading a couple hundred pages a week for my environmental ethics class, teaching the elderly how to knit, bellydancing, etc. etc. and trying to research Morocco and small business development on the side. Plus going out and having a good time while I can :) I didn't know the last semester of college would be so crazy! It's kinda sad I've only started to really enjoy college in my last year. Also- I went sheep shearing yesterday! I don't think the sheep enjoyed it as much as I did, pretty awesome though.