Thursday, December 28, 2006

okie doe! ( I know thats not Arabic)

After numerous hours of research I am finally understaning this whole blogging act and am quite impressed! I think I've come close to looking at every website possible that might somehow prepare me for the journey. Cyberspace can be a dangerous place, but on the flip side, incredibly rewarding and informative! So I am taking full advantage. p.s.- I love this particular blogger system because it is so easy to use as opposed to myspace and facebook, yahoo and all the other yahoo sites out there.

This blog is primarily focused on my journey with the Peace Corps, so pretty much focused on everything important in my life right now. To sum it up- I've wanted to become a PCV ever since I dicsovered the Peace Corps. I remember someone telling me, "well its like the army, but for peace" haha, I dont necessarily think that statement is all right, but nonetheless I've been wanting to do it ever since. For just as long, I've also been an artist, and combining those two worlds has been quite an evolution. I dont need to say much here about college, but I will write about my PC application process, because I found it helpful to read others experiences.

I submitted my application on October 23, 2006, then submitted my National Agency check, fingerprint cards, etc. on November 8, had my phone interview on November 16, and was nominated for Morocco the next day.
I thought I did pretty awful in my interview, couldn't think of good examples, didn't have enough experience, etc. then at the end when I asked what happens next (i.e., am I in?) he said, "well, we don't get many applicants with an art background, but its okay because we don't have many positions for artists" and I said that was fine, I expected (and was excited) to work outside my field, and he said, "but actually, we have a new position that sounds perfect for you" um, what?! The very minimal description of my job states that I will work directly with rural textile artisans on small business development. The country post requests an artist specifically and then they will train me for the business side.

I received my medical packet on December 4, but because of the holidays, I wont get it turned in until January 10 or so. If all goes well though, in a few months I will be graduating from the Kansas City Art Institute, and then in September off to Morocco I will go!

4th attempt at blogging a picture

Horseback riding in lovely Ojai. Oh how i miss my mountains.

No. 1?

my first blog- right here. ive been meaning to do this forever. im getting tired of cyberspace but its so helpful! serious information overload though. im part of way too many group sites, chat sites, profile pages, etc. whatever, etc. trying to prepare myself and learn all i can about Morocco before i depart for the peace corps in sept. o7. yay! thats good for now.