Friday, November 9, 2007

Alright, alright!

The pictures are up now! The link on the right that says Bri’s Pictures now actually has pics, but only up to about two weeks ago. I’m currently in bed typing under many layers of heavy hand-woven wool covers for I am on a site visit of the place where I will be living and working for the coming two years, listening to my music and oh so content for the moment. If you need my actual city and address you’ll have to contact me directly. All I can say is that I’m in Boulemane Province, high in the mountains, in a bity village but thankfully not too far from the usual comforts. It’s VERY cold here, as many of us say, a cold you can’t escape, if anything it only gets worse when you come home. Oddly enough the preferred home is mud rather than cement for its sooo much warmer. I’m not gonna get into the work cuz I haven’t really started and I’m trying not to form any strong opinions about it yet. But I will say I’m obviously working with weavers, an incredible co-op. I miss my family in my CBT site so much and it was hard when I got here to imagine accepting yet another mother, but I can’t help it, I love my new family as well. And they’re so different I don’t have to compare them. I live with my mother, her daughter in law and her two ADORABLE kids, a year old boy and a four year old girl, they’re irresistible. I’m actually replacing another volunteer who’s COSing (close of service) as I swear in. She’s lived with the host family her whole service. There’s so much more I wanted to write but it will have to be later, I’m exhausted. But my Skype and other messengers work now and the cyber is relatively close to my site, so once I atually move here at the end of the month we can all talk for free once a week, inshallah.