Saturday, February 4, 2012

your friend the aspiring Massage Therapist

Hello dear friends!
I'm writing you all because I need bodies! Live of course, to work on! I'm a ways into the massage therapy program at LHAA and it's going very well, but I need more practice! I have worked on some of you, others we've made halfway plans. . . Well I have a practical at the end of the month and would love to book up my free time with massages so that I might gain more confidence and skills for this important "evaluation" of sorts. As with any skill, practice makes progress, and evaluation or not I need practice!

I know many of you have felt uncomfortable about accepting free massage and want to compensate me in some way, and I must assure you, it's for my own good! Giving me an hour of your time means the world to me at this young stage in my massage career. In exchange I hope to give your body some relief and relaxation from your own busy lives. Fitting in as much practice as I can now will make the time when I am, inchallah, a licensed massage therapist, I will be ready as ever. And gladly, at that point, accepting payment or barter.

Though I despise my current day job, I do have a decent schedule affording me Friday-Sunday off. I am also available Mondays after 3pm and in a pinch, can do a massages Tuesdays or Wednesdays between 3 and 5. I have my own "massage office" set up in one of the extra rooms in our house and will treat you as if you were a client in a proper clinic. Please pass this on and tell your friends as it is important for me to practice on strangers as much as dear friends and schedule an appointment with me!

Thank you so much,

missing you all,