Friday, August 24, 2007

I am so ready to go

thats all for now, i'm just so ready to leave. no i' not nearly finished packing or saying my goodbyes, just me, myself and i are ready.

Saturday, August 4, 2007


Despite interuptions to scratch the multipe mosquito bites I recieved at work yesterday, I slept 12 straight hours, eek. Can't remember the last time I did that. I got bad news about a friend with cancer, so I'm dealing with the struggle between being thankful for being alive and healthy, and feeling the pain and sadness of a wonderful life cut so horribly short.
I hope you're all well, and I love you so much!
(mm, and I hope none of you are near the blazing summer fires of California, the sky is dark with smoke and the sun is nearly bleeding)

Thursday, August 2, 2007

Rock the Kasbah

Well the pre-departure depression has finally faded away to giddiness for all that is to come! My birthday is in one week, my best friend in the world will be here, plus my huge Bon Voyage party, some more friends coming into town, last days of California, last days in Washington with my dad’s family, then two days back at home to pack up and depart for Philly! Eeeek! I could hardly focus on entering coordinates for the easement monitoring we’ve been doing at work today as it all suddenly hit me, and I couldn’t jump up and down with it!
Also, I’ve recently found out that my training will most likely take place in Ouarzazate, rather than Azrou. I must admit I’m a tad bummed; after researching Azrou I was getting excited about the little town. Ouarzazate sounds great too though, if not a bit ritzy. Putting it into perspective, it’s inland of the Algerian border, where the Atlas Mountains meet the desert, and between the Dades and Draa Valleys. This future three-month home of mine is also home of the world famous Atlas Film Studios (think Lawrence of Arabia, Kundun, The Mummy, Babel, etc.), as well as the Tiffoultoute Kasbah. Never in my life did I imagine I’d one day happen upon a Kasbah.

p.s. I think I may also be super hyped on life right now for my near-disease experience at work today of us hiking into a site for easement monitoring, only to find ourselves covered in ticks! I’ve learned a lot about lime disease today and am immensely grateful I do not have it, and fully intend on never getting it! (Is it a bit of a messed up mindset to be afraid of getting hurt or sick, not for the pain or discomfort, but because it would defer or deny my placement with the Peace Corps!? Ha, funny how perspective changes as our purpose does)