Saturday, June 9, 2007

3 months

Thats right, my Peace Corps service begins exactly three months from today.
Sooo my first few days back home in California haven't exactly been ideal-I've been horribly sick and I hate it. I can't imagine there being another ounce of mucus left in my body to blow out. Sounds gross, but I've gotta get used to it; from what I hear most conversation between PCV's is about bodily functions, since that's what goes to hell first when entering a new country. And you know how picky I've always been! I somehow believe its the days when I honestly don't know if I am capable of actually doing this that make me know I can. I have been so careful all of my life-this is my chance to trust the unknown, and it's oddly comforting.
Back to summer-I cheated my sickliness yesterday and went to the beach. It was nice, until I stepped in a big lump of tar! And of course passed it onto my other foot while trying to get it off. If this has ever happened to you, then you know as well how hard it is to get off. I haven't stepped in tar in probably ten years! Then there's that awesome sound of your flip-flops NOT flip-flopping, because your feet are stuck to them! Ugh, guess my body was trying to tell me I should have stayed in bed. Though I still sound like an angry mule with a plugged nose, I felt much better today and went on a horseback ride with my mom, ah, and it was glorious!
My summer overall is going to be different than I originally planned, but for the best I hope. I got the job with the Ojai Land Conservancy, which I am very excited about, but due to the hours I won't be able to work at the camp much. What I'm bummed about most is that I won't be waking up at 4:30am and walking the two hilly miles to the camp- I love that walk. Instead I'll actually be working in the mountains I love so much, in the 90+degree heat! It's gonna be a sweaty summer.
hmm, I should also probably crack open that Moroccan Arabic guide and practice. . .


Rachel said...

Welcome to Peace Corps Morocco!

Valerie Rose said...

haha, I've never experienced the tar drama but it definitely sounds awful!! :) Congrats on graduating!! How are things going these last few months?? Enjoy them, they slip by faster than you can imagine!!! Have a great summer and I continue to wish you the best of luck! :)