Monday, March 25, 2013

Save the Tentative Date!

Planning a wedding, even one as simple as ours, can be hectic, especially if your venue choice (our future home) is not yet set!  Many of my loved ones get booked so far in advance (residencies, camp counselors, language immersion programs abroad, sheesh) that even a tentative date must be given now if I want a chance of gettin you all here.  So assuming we close on the house "soon" (in quotes because that term has let me down for two months straight) we will wed on Saturday, August 10th, a fine way to spend the day after my birthday :)

I greatly apologize for any inconvenience this should cause should it not happen, but we are hopeful!  Josh's confidence is unwavering, and I am more of the "keep telling yourself something until you're convinced" type.  I am excited however because it is going to be awesome!  I shant be a bridezilla and this will be on the cheap because what's most important is priceless.  I'm planning on being barefoot (maybe even pregnant, haha) and surrounded by those I love and have supported Josh, myself, or us together over the years.  A dear friend of ours will officiate, hopefully with great sarcasm and delight, and we hope to grow a great deal of the food (another reason I want to get into this house ASAP).  Though we are aiming to provide the meal, BYOB will allow you all to bring yours of choice (and allow us to keep that mega expense down). With our acre there will be plenty of room to camp out overnight as well.

Please do email me your addresses because while it's fun to send updates via the internets, most of you know I truly love homemade cards and do plan on sending out actual announcements.

My love to you and yours.

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