Monday, March 11, 2013

Nature's change of plans

I want to begin by thanking you all so much for being such a wonderful support; full of excitement about our news and eager to help, should we ever need it.  It’s a blessing having you all in our lives.  I know that this will only continue as I share the unfortunate news that at just past nine weeks, and not even one week since sharing the news of our pregnancy with the masses, I have miscarried.  There is good reason many people wait to share the news until after 12 weeks - the odds of this happening after then go way down.  Being healthy and young and excited I decided to just go for it (it’s seriously hard to have real conversations with close friends and family and not mention the most exciting news of your life!) and there’s no sense in being sorry for what’s already happened.  I trust that just as my body was well enough to begin a pregnancy, it was intelligent enough to pass what would not have come full term or been born healthy.  From my research, it seems about 20% of all pregnancies result in miscarriage, so this is not incredibly rare and does not necessarily indicate I will have problems again (80% of women who miscarry once go on to have healthy pregnancies afterwards).  It simply is what it is.

We of course grieve this event, but I beg you to not waste any sorrow on this because I really do trust that my body did what was best, and thank goodness we haven’t figured out how to stop random, early miscarriages; they happen because they need to.  Though it has been emotionally painful, I must say that the physical pain was far, far worse!  Which I certainly didn’t expect.  I hope this mini labor, to pass what had only been gestating nine weeks, combined with my history of intensely painful cycles, is only more preparation for actual childbirth.

I couldn’t imagine anyone I’d rather have by my side at this time (as all times), and I assure you he’s taking fine care of me, as usual.  It has been a wonderful experience to be pregnant together and realize just how excited and ready we are to become parents.  I promise we’ll be attempting to make this thing happen again in the not too distant future, though I may keep my mouth shut about it until we make it to the second trimester.  This in no way dims our excitement about the wedding and all the many other plans we have going at the moment, and I’ll continue to update you, hopefully with brighter news, soon.

Love, Love, LOVE you all,

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