Monday, May 16, 2011

Farming is not a lost profession or passion

I just want to take a moment to tell you all about two other kick ass farmers of my generation. Jeff and Carolyn, who were on their way out of the farm as Josh and I were coming in last year, are still farming too! I won't delve into all of their awesomeness here, but check out their site, Potter Hill Farm, and buy their food if you happen to live way out there.

I remember going to a gathering early spring last year of young apprentices just like myself-excited and eager to try out farming. One of the organizers of the group, with many years of farming under his belt, gave us a depressing statistic about how many of us would actually continue on to become farmers. I believe the number was two. Jeff, Carolyn, Josh and I were all there, and I couldn't imagine any of us not doing this forever, but statistically, we wouldn't. Of course statistics are not to be counted on, but nonetheless, here we are proving them wrong! I don't know how many other youngins' in that room are still farming today, but just the four of us doubled how many were "supposed" to. And I'm pretty freakin proud and happy about it!

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