Sunday, May 15, 2011

After a while

There's this thing that happens after a while, when you find yourself on the last few miles home and a smile spreads across your face. Your shoulders loosen, as does your grip on the wheel and you find yourself at ease and delighted to be so close to home. I have a habit of making a home like this in many places and with many people. I am so grateful for all of them, and remembering this same feeling for each makes me a little sad as there is s much to miss. But here, in the boonies of Kentucky, is something new. All the homes I've built previously had an expiration date from the start, this is the first that doesn't. As I drive home from my town job and that smile spreads across my face I realize all that I have. I'm living in a beautiful land, and growing food alongside someone I love, it's all I could ever ask for and more. It kills me that so few people can find peace in their lives and I think all it takes is giving yourself permission to do what you love to do, and then to go do it. Anyhow, I'm happy as a pig in shit, sorry if I'm flaunting it a tad here. Now onto real farm nitty gritty!

There has been so much to do in so little time, particularly with our bi-polar weather! The heat has not been great for our early brassicas, who are bolting like mad, but wonderful for most everything else. Cowpeas, sunflowers, corn, etc have been germinating in two days! And my only issue with rain is that we can't work in it. Because we have heavily mulched beds and deep paths, when it floods nothing is washed away, and is even kept watered longer due to slow seepage from the paths. It's wonderful.

We also put together our first newsletter, which goes more in depth than I will here on my newfound love of transplants (email me if you want it but didn't get it - jbeveggies(at)gmail(dot)com) We're busy getting more beds prepared for all the summer crops to go in, as well as getting pumped and ready for our first week of CSA distributions coming up.

In other news, we spent our first night in the tipi! And it was lovely. We've hardly been up to work on it all week for the weather has drawn us only to the garden, but a few nights ago it was just too warm and beautiful to resist trying it out. Just a few more stones to move, rain-proofing to do, and homey fixin's to bring up and we'll be in for good. There is so much more to tell, but I really must be going, just wanted to let you all know I haven't forgotten about keeping you updated!

Hope you're all enjoying spring before summer brings an unpleasant heat on.

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