Saturday, February 12, 2011

New life

Big news of yesterday in the great, wide world-a great victory of the Egyptian people, in my bitty, wide world-Fedco seed order arrived! Lhamdulilah. A wonderful evening organizing my little packets of food babies into their respective families; Amaryilidaceae, Brassicaceae, Cucurbitaceae, and on and on, oh how I wish I'd studied botany! Then I dreamt of lambing, on and on, ewe after ewe, such a long night.

I've been writing in my head a post about the battle between which I hate more-frozen or muddy ground, because both are just dreadful, but this morning something else happened. I walked out to a rather warm morning and firm ground, delighted to share my previous evening's dreams with the expecting flock. I rounded the corner and there! First lamb of the season! A big, healthy, female lamb next to her attentive mother. What a wonderful sight in the bright morning sun. I darn near skipped through chores; few things in life are more delightful than a new lamb. New life reminds me spring still exits and plans to arrive again this year.

I'm moving into the hay loft for good now (minus far below freezing nights-Leslie's policy) and commencing real farmer hours again-alarm at 6:30. I go to sleep tonight comforted to know that one of my dearest friends, Casey is happy and safe in a very different Egypt, and that I have plans for a very different, and very exciting, season of gardening ahead.

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