Thursday, January 27, 2011

bound and determined

It's true; I'm now bound to the blog for it's going on our business card. Mistake? Possibly. And business card? Bri? Yes, it seems silly, but what the heck, I can pretend to be a professional from time to time. I'm on a high after SAWG, getting our entire seed order in, keeping up with records, planning plantings, mapping the garden, making awesome connections 'round here, writing to you all, and imagining I just maybe might be able to keep up with it all. Maybe. Oddly, out of the complete lethargy of winter we dream up the most outrageous plans for spring. And then spring comes and you realize you're only human again and there's still only 24 hours in the day. Shoot its humbling eh?

Leslie had a couple friends/farmers over last night, both of whom I have much to learn from. I am so grateful for those who have been doing such great work for so many years. Too many (particularly youngins like me) become jaded and lose hope too soon in this business (of healing the world one bite at a time). My faith is renewed each time I meet someone who has done, continues to do, and forever will do IT. Lovely women. Nancy, of Shady Grove Farm, made the best baked apples ever and I'll be heading over tomorrow to exchange garden wisdom, plan our plantings and hang out with goats. Bound to be as good a time as last night. Also Shady Grove is like the best song ever, right? Linda, just as wonderful and passionate about her own operation, may be providing space for Josh & Bri's Veggies (yep that's what we're calling our little plot of goodness) to be sold at her place to some loyal folks and recruit some families interested in CSA shares.

Since Josh worries about nothing, and I worry about everything, I'm calling it some funky balance, and next to our both being crazy excited about growing, I'm faithful it's going to be a beautiful and bountiful season. Inshallah.

some ponies on our plot

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Debbie said...

Ahhh...goats, you are so fortunate. I so love that you are writing again and wish Josh and Bri's Veggie great success.