Monday, October 26, 2009

shoof gr taddartinu

Here's a little video i took of the lovely mud house i've made my home these past two years. I apologize for the very poor lighting, but you get the idea. I leave Morocco one month from today and am still scared shitless. I fall more and more in love with this place as i come closer and closer to leaving it. It hurts. And it's going to hurt more.


Georgia said...

Enjoyed the home tour. When you squat do any stray drops hit you??? Can't wait to see you.
love, auntie g

Anonymous said...

First off I really want to thank you for coming into our class today. It was really cool hearing about the peace corps and your experiences in Morocco. Getting the information from someone who actually experienced the peace corps is much better then just reading about it online and it was really nice of you to give that to our class. Your house is very interesting and tells a lot about the culture. The formation with the bamboo and mud is pretty cool although I feel like it would get pretty frustrating in the winter and what not. There wasn't much in your house as far as appliances. Its interesting to see that you don't really need much to get by and it makes me see how much excess we really have. After hearing you talk about the peace corps has really made me think about one day joining. thanks again for coming in i really appreciate it and i know Mrs. Anaise and my classmates do too.
Joey Papador Mrs. Anaise 4th period