Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Invites and RSVPs Please

Invites are arriving as I write, yay!  I would greatly appreciate it if you would participate in the silly RSVP postcard activity even if you’re not coming; I’m hoping to string together a purdy hanging out of them.

Because a few of our dear friends and family will not be able to make it to our awesome wedding, I have already promised a “replay,” including all the same attire, as soon as they can come visit.

I hope you all find our registry as entertaining and honest as my ma does; we truly don’t want a pile of big box store crap.  Used and loved or handmade and heartfelt gifts are the most precious.

Wedding plans are coming along well and I will continue to update here often, so check back or subscribe to the right.  Hold one another close, love you all.


Joanne Godfrey said...
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Teressa Ellis said...

Hello there:

Sadly, my regrets are in the mail. I am delighted to read your posts about your life and your love together. It will make a fine little book for your children one day.

Thank you for including me on your posts and inviting us to your wedding. I am sorry we cannot attend, but we have a little something coming your way in our stead. It won't talk as much as we do, but it will be infinitely more useful (and likely more interesting on most occasions).

Love from DC,

-Teressa and Jack