Saturday, March 5, 2011

Rainy day updating

As you may have noticed I've finally added pictures-click on the Kentucky Livin slideshow on the upper right to view them all. You can also check out all the amazing photos from hog processing day at Emerald Glen Farm, courtesy of Chris, our beloved butcher here. I'm passing this rainy day indoors, catching up with all the not-fun computer work I've been avoiding. Important stuff though! Most notably our Local Harvest listing, click here for it. Local Harvest is absolutely the best site for finding local produce and CSAs. Dear family, support us by supporting a local farm near you! Seriously, it's so easy, just put in your zip and they will give you a whole list of nearby farms and what they offer.

Garden news, my broccoli and cabbages have sprouted! You never saw a sillier sight, oy vey, I was totally curled up and over, nearly planting my own nose in the soil, searching. But there they were, so beautiful, so full of life for how small they are. I feel sorry for the majority of people who completely overlook this incredible miracle that takes place every moment. Anyhow, that excitement's taking place in the makeshift cold frame I built in the garden out of a big (and INSANELY heavy) door and lots of hay. The leeks, scallions and onions have yet to germinate, but I have faith! I also had the mad idea to use a car as a cold frame. Yesterday I sowed two trays of more alliums and set them up in one of Leslie's daughter's cars, we'll see how it goes. And next to me in the window of the dining room are two flats of more yummy germination brewing.

One week til Josh gets planted here and I can hardly wait! Leslie and I both are looking forward to lots of hugs and lots of work from him : ) Looks like the rain has let up so I better head back out and get some garden work in before I head to the pizzeria.

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Hey neighbor, what a cool blog! I don't see any button to sign up to follow you though, which I'd like to do.

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