Wednesday, January 14, 2009

goin' up or bust

AHHH! I'm so excited! There's much to catch you all up on, but I just booked my flights for Spain and Germany, so thats really all thats on my mind right now. I've never been before, and now lived over a year directly under it so its about time I headed up there! 
I'm gonna meet up with my dear cousin Danielle in Spain; we've been trying to get together and travel for years! We have to make up for "the great trip of 1996". It was great-we went cross-country with my grandparents in their motor-home, but being the oldest kid in my family I learned what it might be like to have an older sister, and being an only child she learned what it might be like to have an awful annoying sibling.  We ended up all but hating each other by the end, but I can now see it as a true bonding experience. And this time around will be quite different! After a week there I'm meeting up with my awesome site-mate Natalie and we're heading to Germany for a few days, primarily Munich. It's gonna be a fairly quick trip but bound to be great, inshallah. Any contacts, advice, or even better, money you wanna contribute will be greatly appreciated! I'm mighty low on money but will be couchsurfing, eating cheap and loving all that is priceless about traveling. Now i just have to wait for my flight. . . in March.

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