Sunday, December 7, 2008

still qmin' and lovin it

I am well. Beyond well in fact. I’ll admit my recent near-nervous breakdown greatly contributes to how refreshed I feel now. Maybe it really just takes a year for me to really settle into a place, to feel close enough to something to not be so afraid of it. I’ve had an odd sense of belonging here since I returned from my last trip to Rabat that I hadn’t felt before. I’m spending, and want to spend, far more time out of my house and in the community, and it just feels so nice. It’s humbling to know how simple it is to be happy, for the most part at least. I overcomplicate and worry over it all so much that I never “do” any of it. I’ve just been hanging out lately, Moroccans absolutely love that and I do too. I’ve also been working, ya, who woulda thought? And that’s empowering as well.

One huge integration point I’ll share is the other day. After hanging at the co-op I went to my counterpart’s house to see what she thought of the final translation, and of course stayed for tea. It had been snowing a bit off and on all day, combined with insanely powerful winds and bouts of sunshine between the darkest clouds. Well after tea the snow became consistent, though not too heavy and it was already dark. Since they would have to walk me home anyway, they decided I should stay for dinner. Dinner of course happens around 10pm, and since I’d arrived around 5, I was there for some time. After a lengthy meal we checked outside and it became obvious that I was not going home that night. I don’t know what exactly constitutes a blizzard, but I’d call it one. Big ol’ balls of snow flying nearly horizontal to the ground. I slept in the big room with all the women and children of the house, as is custom, and we woke in the morning to nearly a foot of snow. It was beautiful, but of course comes with its own set of problems for getting through the day. It was a wonderful evening, and probably one of the warmest I’ll have this winter. If I can ever get on a connection that stinkin works right, I have some great pictures to share. (Also remember how I remarked last year on how they shovel snow off their roofs? Well my landlord was away, and I was busy so never got mine shoveled and have been paying for in the last couples days with roof leaks all over my house, fun fun. I’d add as well that winter decided to arrive way early this year; last year our first and only real snow was in early January, this year it was near the end of November, and it looks like there’s plenty more to come)

I’m also on a real high from reading. Just yesterday my mom’s package of all kinds of awesome books finally arrived, and I broke open the big one last night. I read til midnight, couldn’t sleep, and got up to read some more until around 2:30am. You Can Farm; the entrepreneur’s guide to start an succeed in a farm enterprise. I won’t delve into all that excites me about this book, or I’ll never get to bed, but the essence is simple-You Can Farm. I want to, and the education this and the many other books I’ve just acquired are a step towards making it happen. I’m still shy about revealing all my plans, for their not anywhere near ready yet. But just letting you all know I’m excited, and lhamdullah, I’m smiling again.

I also want to send a little shout out to all those that read this whom I don’t know. I honestly didn’t think anyone read this silly thing but my immediate family, some aunts and a friend or two. But it is true that people from all kinds of places and backgrounds may have thought I had something interesting to say at some point, and I thank you for reading. It’s easy to get wrapped up in our own little worlds, myself and my navel-gazing an obvious example, and I’d love to hear who you are and what you’re up to. This blogging world is a pretty amazing place and opportunities for otherwise never-realized connections are boundless.


Jenna W said...

Hey! I've been reading your blog since right before you left for Morocco....or maybe found it right after you arrived in Mororcco--either way I know I was able to read it from the beginning. I found it when I started my application process for the PC. Unfortunately, I'm having some troubles with it right now :( I declined an invited (I know how lucky people are to get an invite but this one was 100% wrong for me) and deactivated my application for a few months, now I'm trying to reactivate it and they say I can't. I'm really stressed out. I'll reapply if I have to, because I really want to do the PC.

Other than that I'm from Indiana, went to IU, majored in History, have been to China twice and am about to leave for my 3rd time in January to teach English to Young Learners. Pretty cold here, but no snow yet, only 1 flurry...just those darker, cold, dreary days.

Hopefully I'll have good news on the PC front soon, and I hope you stay warm in Morocco!!


Ashley said...

Hey, Bri. I probably could have posted a comment or two before, but I thought I would give a shout out to Jenna here.

Jenna, I'm Ashley, (Bri's bff who is mentioned a time or two throughout her blogs) I am at IU right now, actually, in the Wells Library to be specific. I am a graduate student in Art History and I am currently working on a paper about the women Bri is working with, and Berber women weavers in general. (their history, techniques, rituals, etc.)

Bri, maybe once I'm done and I send you my paper, you could post a link on your blog? If you want to, of course. I bet your family would like to read it too. I'm glad we got to talk, even briefly, the other day. Call me sometime in the next 2 or 3 weeks... we have a lot to catch up on!!! LOVE YOU!