Friday, November 21, 2008


After two days of avoiding everything here and just being an all around shivering grump, getting lost in and finishing both Julie and Julia and Back to the Soil I decided to start a fire. Sometimes all it takes is being warm and clean to make you smile. I got my ferno, essentially a little woodburning stove , going real good, and bucket bathed right there. Not exactly a hammam but it was nice. I felt so limber I did an episode of yoga from a care package from my dear aunt Laura. Then I read for awhile , A Walk in the Woods by Bill Bryson is my newest acquisition . I started getting hungry but had absolutely no food in the house. So i mixed up my special pita dough recipie and set it to rise near the ferno while I read for another hour . Not wanting to leave the heavenly warmth of my room I baked that pita loaf right on top of my ferno . I burned half but it still turned out pretty darn good. I had out peanut butter sent from one side of the family and grape jelly sent from the other and combined it all for my first peanut butter and jelly sandwhich in over a year. And it was delicious. Yes I know, anything but a whloesome meal. But I was warm, clean , eating something yummy, reading something funny and had two happy cats snoozing on my lap. It was a fine evening. Now back to Africa…

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Diane Kappa said...

Dear Bri,
My name is Diane and I came across your blog over a year ago. My husband was in PC from 1998-2001. I stayed on the home front sending care packages and hearing the triumphant stores and frustrations of life abroad. I am a textile designer who is infatuated with the traditions of craft-weaving, knitting,embroidering, printing, name it I am interested in learning how it is done-I love the process of creating. In September, Steven and I moved to Budapest Hungary. Now, Budapest is far from being Morocco but I do believe we have a few things in common. The obvious, loving textiles, living far from family and friends, adjusting to knew culture, language and life. I truly enjoy your writings and self realizations and just wanted to thank you for sharing them. Good Luck, keep warm, eat well and keep writing.
Kindest Regards,