Sunday, May 25, 2008

Working it

Yup that’s me on the sweet counterbalance loom, next time I hope to have a picture of one of THEM working it!

The little lady in the background there is my new site mate, and, how cute, both our host moms working on the same piece. About an hour later the rra’isa (president) came in and they (five women) went into another room for the rra’isa to teach them Arabic script. Oh my I was so damn proud! I have no idea when this started or whose idea it was, and though it would be nice to feel like I’ve done something for them, it’s even better to see them doing such good for themselves. Only two of the adult women of the co-op are literate (the president and the treasurer) though almost all speak Tamazight and Darija. It was so sweet to see how excited and proud they were of their little practice pages. Sniff sniff.

And I don’t think I’ve mentioned it yet, so I’ll say it now- I love this weather! While many other PCV’s are already roasting in their sites, I survived the winter and am now enjoying my reward-beautiful spring weather. It gets greener by the day and in every direction you can see a different kind of sky, never knowing which will pass over. Some light thunder, crazy but short bouts of rain, delicious sun and winds of every sort. I fear next winter as much as I now fear dogs, but I intend to survive both.

Moroccan metaphor-this is proof my minds more here than America- my cat, my baby, my love, well he licks a lot and the first thought that came into my head was not, oh that feels like sand paper, but rather, wow, that feels like a hammam scrubby. This reminded me (as if I needed a reminder) that I could really use a good scrubbing, oh what I would give for a shower right now! My last one was almost a month ago. Yes I bucket bathe, but really. Anyhow, cat tongues feel like hammam scrubbys.

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linsey said...

chances are you won't even need a hammam scrubby pretty soon... hot showers for a week in agadir should do the trick alone! can't wait to see you!!!