Friday, March 14, 2008

6 month anniversary and why Ashley is my favorite person in the world

11 March 2008

Didn’t realize until nearly 11pm tonight when Linsey texted me, “I forgot to say happy 6 months, we’ve survived morocco for exactly 6 months today. Can’t wait to see ya!” So ya, purdy cool. Today was alright, did errands and tutoring in Azrou, and tonight I was arm deep in goat poo! That’s right, bought some raw goat hair at ssuq today, and goat hair I think reeks more than any other fiber, ugh. But I couldn’t be happier. Most of the time life and all my dysfunction’s are just too complicated and confusing to handle, and then there are those moments when I really think I’m just the simplest person on earth; gimme some coffee and some fiber and I’m high and happy as a kite. Doesn’t last long, but it’s nice. Haven’t done fiber properties in forever! I’ve never spun goat hair, but I’ve always wanted to, I’ll let you know how it goes. It’s really beautiful and I think if I card it with the wool the Cooperative gave me I’ll spin up a fine yarn. The staple is like 3 inches long! Mmm, can’t wait. But the other huge occupant of my time has been planning what I’m going to teach at Spring Camp, I’ll update you on what the heck that is soon, but the other half of tonight, taking a break from the goat shit, was experimenting with plaster to find the right ratio of water and what materials to do mosaics with, I’m very excited! And I got my ferno going on the first try!

12 March 2008

And then. . . I went to the post office and my dear postman pulled out a package, slowly as possible, and tried to read, “ass-heel-ee” and I screamed, “tamdaqltinu!” (which means “my friend”). It was hard to keep from giggling and smiling ear to ear on my walk home, which seemed to take forever even though I live right around the corner from the post office. I know I said I wouldn’t do this again, but I’m so dang excited about all of it I am going to flaunt here every crumb she sent. First popped out a lovely wool hat she knit with MY NEWT written across with a little newt above it, much of the contents are inside jokes, you don’t need to get it, but she’s my newt and I’m here newt, and that’s no minute fact. Then there were 7 balls of Cascade 220 Peruvian highland wool- the prime felting wool for slippers, yippie! And the pattern of course so I can finally make the slippers I owe people, some for myself, hey I may as well get a business goin. Then, Nilla wafers and Nutella. Which is hilariously unnecessary as Nutella is abundantly available here, but I don’t care, oh freshman year! Then a box of sweethearts and three king size packs of Take 5. Whats take 5 you might ask? Hahaha, it’s a very complicated answer. . . A couple framed pictures of us, some of our last days as well the hellish winter Wisconsin has had, other people and places I love. . . the Jan/Feb issue of Fiberarts, complete with yellow tabs and highlighting with personal jokes and touches- it’s crazy cuz we actually know so many people in that magazine, and weird to look at the art world I left. A dradle magnet from Emily *insert inappropriate jokes I can’t tell here* which is extra funny as I have no fridge to stick it to; I did however get a good ten minute laugh in as I realized the one thing in my house it would stick to- my ferno! Some all American tissues, which I kinda needed as I sniffled and laughed throughout the escapade of opening this package, an article from The Onion about alpacas being the answer to saving Americas economy, and an excerpt from The Onion’s book, Our dumb World on Morocco, some postcards of very important places in, and then, oh my, a tube! The tube is something just too great to fully comprehend, I’d explain it here but it would just take too long and I don’t know if all my readers are ready for it, but it’s in penguin fleece and its almost as good as hugging my Ashley. . and last but not least, in fact probably the best, a 15 page, front and back, so really 30 page letter, written exactly like she were sittin here talkin to me. So ya, that made for a splendid evening. I do love you all, am ever grateful once again for everything you send, there’s just nothing like family. And truly, there;s nothing like Ashley.

Also- I plan on being online again for quite some time Sunday afternoon, I have to go for ssuq anyhow, so, since I can’t say anything about the future without saying inshallah, inshallah I will be there! And ready to chat!


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Nice Blog.
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Temenssiouine :)

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