Friday, September 7, 2007

off to philly

today is the day! i'm exhausted, its been a whirlwind my whopping 30 hours or so back home. visited old friends, rode the horses, went to the hotsprings, all of which happened between packing, and yet i still didnt compact my life into 75 or so pounds of luggage until a few minutes ago. no of course i didnt sleep, but i'm hoping i will on the plane. my momma made my favorite dinner last night, and is makin my favorite breakfast, or favorite food for that matter, SWEDISH PANCAKES, as i dozily type. then we are off to lax. . .
i'm too tired to feel sad about leaving, but yesterday i had a hilarious episode in the car, on my way home from the last of my errands: i was belting it out to Guster, full of glee (and a bit high on caffeine), which then turned to tears, but as i couldnt quite figure out if they were good or bad tears, and knowing how ridiculous i looked, i started laughing hysterically as well.
so note, it is possible to drive, sing, cry and laugh all at the same time.
and they were tears of joy, it is such an incredible feeling to be so passionate about something again. i always have been, but all the preparation is over, i'm here!
love y'all, goodnight, or morning, or something like that

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Jessi said...

safe travel !

you're in my thoughts :)